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EMR launches SCADA forum on popular networking site, LinkedIn

Dublin, 17th September, 2014:  Following a very successful SCADA user group event during the summer and requests from participants to continue a forum for SCADA professionals, EMR Integrated Solutions today launched an online SCADA industry group on popular networking site, LinkedIn.

The ‘Telemetry, SCADA and Automation Engineering’ group serves as a forum for Telemetry, SCADA engineering professionals, automation engineers or any industry professionals responsible for controlling, managing and securing SCADA networks. The group is a non-commercial, open discussion forum with particular emphasis on current or future issues relating to utility networks such as water and power and which are specific to Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

Commenting on the launch, Mark Quinn, managing director with EMR said:

“We had lots of lively discussion and debate on the future of telemetry and SCADA at our recent face-to-face meeting, and I’m hoping that this online forum will provide a mechanism to create a real community with industry peers willing to share their views and experiences and advance industry thought on an ongoing basis.”

As a private group on the popular networking site, membership will be restricted to industry professionals and those with an interest in the subject matter.

Those interested in getting involved can join by clicking on the button below.

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