Our Two-Way Radio Solutions

  • Network design and consultancy on your voice infrastructure

  • A wide range of high performance, reliable handsets

  • Digital Mobile Radio solutions including base stations and repeaters

  • ATEX radio handsets for hazardous working environments

  • Responsive after-sales service and support

Why EMR?

EMR designs and implements digital radio networks for a diverse range of users, covering applications from shopping centre management systems including management, security, cleaning and maintenance through to networks for utility operators covering power station personnel nationwide.

From basic voice-only systems through to the sophisticated systems using computer-aided despatch, lone worker protection, alarm system integration, each system is designed to meet the current needs and future requirements of our customers with system reliability, performance and ease of operation.

Why Two-Way Radio?

For over 50 years Motorola two-way radio has been an important tool for organisations that need to stay in immediate voice contact with field personnel: the security officer working alone, house-keeping staff within a hotel or the management team on a construction site.

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) provides the next generation of capability with voice and data communications integrated into a range of rugged or discreet radio devices. This technology can be integrated with a range of server applications that allow EMR build complete computerised staff tracking and protection, lone worker protection, email and SMS notification.

Integration with process automation, buildings management and alarm systems is supported allowing immediate notification of alarms with messages sent directly to the appropriate personnel.

DMR is ideal for manufacturing, utilities, hospitality and leisure and a vast array of other voice-dependent services.

Using Two Way Radio during Covid-19

Cleaning and disinfecting your stock of two-ways radios and associated devices is an important part of reducing risk associated with transmission of Covid-19.

We know that the virus can live on surfaces for a period of time. It’s important therefore, that your devices are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly as you change shifts or pass the device from one staff member to another.

You need to clean and disinfect your radios and this short video from our partner, Motorola Solutions will show you how.

Our Partners

EMR’s has chosen to work with Motorola Solutions, the world leader in DMR and EMR is a Motorola Platinum Partner for DMR system deployment. In fact, we’re one of only two partners on the island of Ireland.

Since 1928, Motorola Solutions has been committed to innovation in communications and electronics.  The company has achieved many milestones in its 85-plus year history, pioneering mobile communications in the 1930s with car radios and public safety networks.

Motorola Solutions made the equipment that carried the first words from the moon in 1969. In 1983 Motorola led the communications revolution with the first commercial handheld cellular phone and system. Today, as a global industry leader, excellence in innovation continues to shape Motorola’s future.

We’re proud to work with Motorola Solutions as a strategic partner to our organisation.  We hold Motorola Platinum Partner status, the highest accreditation in the Motorola Solutions Partner Program.

EMRis a Motorola Platinum Parter in Ireland

What Our Customers Say About Us

ESB Networks is a valued customer of EMR

I want us to be proactive rather than reactive in managing our radio networks and that’s what we’ve achieved with EMR through this contract. We’ve moved to a fully integrated and managed system for everything from operations to evacuation and person location. That’s innovation, that’s clever.

Cuisine de France is a valued customer of EMR

EMR recommended this system as it provided enhanced coverage levels throughout the complex. The system has become essential for providing site wide staff communications and we were very impressed how the portable radios coped in the chilled storage areas. We heavily rely on this system that EMR recommended as it addresses our critical present and future site wide staff communication requirements.

Dublin Street Parking Services is a valued customer of EMR

EMR have provided our radio communications for a number of years and have always provided a service which is second to none. The move to Motorola’s digital radio represented a significant leap forward. The operational benefits and the improved staff safety have been fantastic. The staff have embraced the system and find the performance to be better than anything they have had previously.

Powerscourt is a two-way radio customer of EMR

EMR recommended the MOTOTRBO radio system to provide the necessary staff communications within the hotel. Having extended off site coverage to the adjacent estate facility buildings was a bonus to the system. Having two separate channels at our disposal was a huge benefit to our operations and the coverage and audio quality from the system are superb. The IMPRES battery system provides extended radio duration times during corporate events. Overall we are very impressed with this system and the service from EMR.

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