Supplier Charter


EMR expects all suppliers/contractors providing goods, services or works to EMR and/or on behalf of EMR (referred to below as “Suppliers”) to conduct their business in an honest and ethical manner, in accordance with all applicable laws, and to respect internationally recognised human rights.

This Charter sets out the basic principles that EMR expects of Suppliers. These principles are intended for guidance only; Suppliers doing business with EMR should familiarise themselves with the related terms of their contract(s) with EMR, which impose specific obligations in relation to the matters below.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety is a core value for EMR. Suppliers must provide a safe workplace for their employees in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. When working at EMR (or EMR customer) sites, Suppliers are expected to comply with all EMR Contractor Safety Regulations communicated to them as well as any site-specific safety instructions given to them by EMR.


EMR is committed to sustainability in all of its operations. EMR consequently aims to purchase goods, services and works that are produced, delivered and constructed with due regard to the environment and in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Suppliers working at EMR sites are also expected to comply with EMR’s Environmental Regulations, where they apply.


It is EMRs policy to conduct all of its business in an honest and ethical manner. All Suppliers doing business with EMR are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the principles enshrined in EMR’s Employee Code of Business Ethics. In particular, Suppliers are prohibited from offering gifts, benefits, sponsorships or hospitality of any kind that could be perceived to influence or secure favourable treatment from an EMR employee.


Suppliers must comply with all bribery and anti-corruption laws applicable to their relationship with EMR. Suppliers are strictly prohibited from offering, promising or authorising any bribe, inducement, facilitation payment or benefit of any kind to any EMR personnel or to any person or business that has (or may potentially have) a business relationship with an EMR company as an incentive to win business from or for EMR.

Conflicts of Interest

If a Suppliers employee has a relationship with an EMR employee, which might give rise to (or be perceived as giving rise to) a conflict of interest, the Supplier should disclose this potential conflict in its response to any proposal/tender submitted to EMR or by contacting EMR’s Chief Financial Officer.

Employment Standards

EMR requires Suppliers to comply with all employment legislation in all countries in which they provide goods or services to, or on behalf of, EMR, including but not limited to laws relating to the use of child, forced or compulsory labour, non-discrimination, working hours and freedom of association. Where Suppliers are engaged in the provision of services on an EMR site, EMR also expects Supplier personnel to conduct themselves in accordance with EMR’s Respect and Dignity at Work Policy a copy of which will be provided on request, which defines clear standards of behaviour in relation to each individual’s right to be treated with respect and dignity in their working life.

Accurate Books and Records

All Suppliers are required to keep accurate books and records, in reasonable detail, in relation to all transactions that are performed for or on behalf of EMR. Suppliers should not commence work on behalf of EMR until they have been issued with an EMR purchase order.

Reporting of Information.

Suppliers should report violations of the principles in this charter to EMR’s Chief Financial Officer.