Our Solutions

From two-way radio and paging solutions to the most complex SCADA and telemetry networks for utilities, EMR’s organisational agility allows us to quickly react to changing industry demands thanks to our expertise and experience.

SCADA and Telemetry Networks

Utility networks are undergoing significant change and at EMR, we’re there to help with your digital transformation every step of the way.

  • SCADA Application Software
  • RTUs
  • Telemetry radio
  • PLCs
  • GSM Loggers
  • 3G/4G GSM routers
  • Optical & OT Networks

Wireless Communications

Wireless networks power so many different aspects of our daily lives and provide the basis for secure, reliable industrial internet of things

  • Microwave Networks
  • Two-way radio/DMR/TETRA
  • Polling/IP Radio
  • Satellite Connectivity
  • Paging Technology
  • 3G/4G GSM Routers
  • In-building and exterior Wi-Fi networks

Optical Networks

It’s not always practical or possible to use carrier networks to transport certain types of data.  That’s why we deploy networks for utility companies, transport organisations and many other service providers that are fit for purpose and future-proof connectivity.

  • Optical Transport Networks
  • 3G/4G GPRS Routers
  • IP Polling Radio
  • Microwave
  • Satellite

What Our Customers Say About Us

2RN is a valued customer of EMR

This distribution system is the backbone from which all terrestrial services are provided in Ireland and a successful switch over from the old system to the new system was a key goal of this project. This objective was achieved thanks to the great efforts from both RTÉ NL and EMR engineering teams. Overall, this project has proved to be a great success for RTÉ NL and EMR deserve praise for their efforts in ensuring that this was the case.

Greencoat is a valued customer of EMR

I have confidence in EMR as a trusted partner. We’re an investment house, not an IT company and so we have to rely on a network of trusted partners who are our eyes and ears on IT issues. Our success is based on EMR’s ability to understand our needs and the agility to execute on those needs.

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