EMR has a strong portfolio of clients across Ireland and the United Kingdom.  We work with organisations such as Irish Water and local county councils in Ireland as well as service providers like Northern Ireland Water and Affinity Water in Northern Ireland and Britain.

  • Bespoke SCADA systems
  • Design and deployment of telemetry networks
  • Optical networking
  • 3G/4G Routers
  • Data Loggers
  • Instrumentation including chlorine residual analysis solutions
  • Laboratory supplies and reagents


The EMR team works with power utility companies to digitally transform their business using industrial internet of things (IIoT) solutions.  Our vision is to help utility providers to deploy services that are more operationally efficient, which in turn delivers greater service value to customers.

  • Bespoke energy management systems
  • Telemetry networks with field asset monitoring and measurement


At EMR we work with many of the leading telecoms operators to provide specialised services for their business requirements.

Based on our 30 years of utility experience, EMR understands the necessary components required in building business-critical networks.

  • Low Latency Microwave Connectivity
  • High Speed Microwave connectivity
  • Dedicated OT networks
Optical networking solutions from EMR


At EMR, we understand that seamless, reliable and swift voice and data communications is critical to the smooth operation of any manfacturing facility.

We specialise in a combination of services that allow your staff to stay in touch thanks to high performance voice and data.

  • High performance paging and alerting systems
  • Robust two-way radio solutions suitable for the most demanding environments, even low temperature facilities.
  • In-building Wi-Fi networks that allow constant contact to computing services from any device

Hospitality and Retail

The business of customer service is a demanding one and at the heart of ensuring a positive client experience is seamless, high-performance communications.

We work with some of Ireland’s leading 5-star hotels and help them to deliver the type of responsive customer service that their clients demand.

  • Robust, high quality two way radio communications
  • In-building Wi-Fi networks that allow constant contact to computing services from any device
Two radio and paging solutions for hotel and hospitality from EMR


We work with transportation companies across many sectors to deploy connectivity solutions that deliver seamless communications between people and devices.  Operational efficiency and cost-effective, high quality connectivity lies at the core of our design methodologies.

  • Two way radio
  • Optical networks
  • Microwave connectivity
  • Data loggers
  • 3G/4G routers


As we all know, the rate of change in telecommunications networks has helped enormously the way businesses manage their daily operations.  The revolution in telecoms technology has led to faster speeds, lower costs, easier to deploy solutions for the corporate customer.

• Lower cost feature rich solutions
• Always-on high speed connectivity

EMR works across many industry sectors


Thanks to our strategic alliance with paging manufacturer, Swissphone we have the technology to deploy reliable, seamless alerting communications systems.  Based on best in class technology, we can cover extensive areas where even the most remote corners of your facility are within coverage.

Our close relationship with Motorola means we can also supply high performance, reliable two-way radio systems with campus-wide coverage and quality voice communications.

Medical professionals can even be contacted via SMS or e-mail when they are offsite and we have integration capabilities with other third party hardware and software providers.

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