Robust Utility Networks for the Water Industry

Continuity of quality water supply is critical for water utility service providers.  We’ve built up significant experience and expertise in building high performance, robust utility networks that allow you to monitor, manage and remotely control your field assets.  We also solve challenges around MPLS circuit replacement with reliable, wireless telecommunications services.

  • Design and deployment of telemetry networks
  • Bespoke SCADA systems
  • Optical networking
  • Microwave networks
  • MPLS replacement
  • 3G/4G/LTE Routers

Single Pane of Glass Field Asset Management

Ultimate operational transparency and efficiency

Data Security

Next Generation Unified Threat Management

EMR’s fully trained and certified engineers design with security mitigation in mind.  And that means deploying best-in-class unified threat management solutions to protect your mission-critical data.

Utility networks are increasingly the subject of malicious hacking activity.  Maintaining security and compliance in line with the Network and Information Systems Directive for Critical National Infrastructure is a given.

And our fully managed service gives you complete peace of mind that your assets are protected at all times.

  • Continuity of Supply

    Complete Peace of Mind

    We’ll design and deliver a robust network infrastructure

  • Network Visibility

    Remote Field Asset Control

    We’ll give you the tools to monitor, manage and remotely control field assets

  • Industry Compliance

    Secure Network Infrastructure

    We’ll give you a full audit trail and detailed reporting

Water Monitoring, Management and Quality

Ensuring high quality water supply at all times

While connection of your field assets is critical, management and monitoring of water quality is equally important.  Water conservation and leakage detection is also top of mind for most water utility providers. We work with best-in-class manufacturers such as Halma Water Management and Hach to ensure quality water supply which minimises network leakage.

  • Data Loggers
  • Leak Detection
  • Turbidity Monitoring
  • Chlorine and pH Residual Analysis
  • Ammonia Analysers
  • Final Effluent Samplers

Our Team in Action

What Our Customers Say About Us

Where we have onsite telemetry, we can respond a lot quicker to water supply issues by making remote manual interventions to correct problems.  And the move towards standardisation of our RTUs means less maintenance, lower stocks of replacement units and it helps the knowledgebase of the staff that look after these assets.

Affinity Water is a valued customer of EMR

Our radio rollout is happening exceptionally fast.  That tells me our engineers are comfortable with the technology.   EMR might be based in another country but their team are more than willing to make themselves available at short notice and that geographic distance doesn’t cause an issue.

Our Integration Partners

Best-in-Class Vendors to Complement our Professional Services

Hach Lang is a strategic partner of EMR Integrated Solutions
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