What our customers say about us

The project has been a big success story, to be honest. Everything is working and it is rock-solid. Control room feedback has been excellent.

EMR met all the detailed and specific criteria that were demanded as part of the tender process, including, the availability of field and SCADA engineers and the expertise to carry out installation work, repairs and calibrations.

EMR provide a turnkey service. They liaise with our OEMs, get their SCADA systems up and running as well as our own. It takes the pressure off us. They provide us with a level of comfort in that we know our forecasters are getting the data they require in order to trade efficiently and effectively in the market.

Northern Ireland Water is a valued customer of EMR

Our experience of working with EMR is very positive and they’re extremely pragmatic in their approach. We enjoy a very good working relationship with the team and the skills and expertise of their technical staff ensure that projects are completed in a professional and timely manner.

ESB Networks is a valued customer of EMR

I want us to be proactive rather than reactive in managing our radio networks and that’s what we’ve achieved with EMR through this contract. We’ve moved to a fully integrated and managed system for everything from operations to evacuation and person location. That’s innovation, that’s clever.

The team at EMR were extremely knowledgeable and they brought that expertise to bear in the design, planning and deployment of a quality system, which was completed within a matter of weeks.

We have a long-standing commercial relationship with the team at EMR. They have always demonstrated a deep understanding of our business that helps us to deliver for our clients.

Greencoat is a valued customer of EMR

I have confidence in EMR as a trusted partner. We’re an investment house, not an IT company and so we have to rely on a network of trusted partners who are our eyes and ears on IT issues. Our success is based on EMR’s ability to understand our needs and the agility to execute on those needs.

2RN is a valued customer of EMR

This distribution system is the backbone from which all terrestrial services are provided in Ireland and a successful switch over from the old system to the new system was a key goal of this project. This objective was achieved thanks to the great efforts from both RTÉ NL and EMR engineering teams. Overall, this project has proved to be a great success for RTÉ NL and EMR deserve praise for their efforts in ensuring that this was the case.”

Affinity Water is a valued customer of EMR

Our radio rollout is happening exceptionally fast. That tells me our engineers are comfortable with the technology.  EMR might be based in another country but their team are more than willing to make themselves available at short notice and that geographic distance doesn’t cause an issue.

Boyne Fisherman's Rescue is a valued customer of EMR

With our new system, based on Swissphone paging technology and deployed by EMR, I can be confident that pages are received and acted upon immediately, saving precious minutes as we mobilise volunteers to respond to the emergency at hand.

Mondello Park is a valued customer of EMR

We chose EMR as the price was right and the service they gave us was excellent. They delivered on time, on budget and recommended a solution, which protects our technology investment.

Eir is a valued customer of EMR

EMR go beyond the agreed SLA framework and have become a key partner to eircom NI. We look forward to continue to expand the service offering with EMR.

The Cypriot Broadcasting Corporation is a valued customer of EMR

After an extensive evaluation process, we have selected the EMR/JD/Netinsight partnership as the top choice for delivering the national DTT network.  The partners’ proven success in media transport made them an ideal choice to help build the next generation platform for our transport and video network.

EMR took over the servicing of our system from another vendor and has since then they have improved the overall operation of our system. Their recommendations, especially for the compact portable radio have been a huge success. We are very pleased with EMR especially with the high level of customer and technical support they provide to our system.

Cuisine de France is a valued customer of EMR

EMR recommended this system as it provided enhanced coverage levels throughout the complex. The system has become essential for providing site wide staff communications and we were very impressed how the portable radios coped in the chilled storage areas. We heavily rely on this system that EMR recommended as it addresses our critical present and future site wide staff communication requirements.

Dundrum Town Centre is a valued customer of EMR

EMR supplied the initial radio system and when we expanded the centre buildings they helped to recommend a solution to address the black spot coverage issues. The digital audio quality from the radio handsets is superb even in the high noise public mall areas. We are extremely impressed by this system and value the service provided by EMR to Dundrum Town Centre.

Wexford County Council is a customer of EMR Integrated Solutions

EMR have provided a great system that allows us manage our water and wastewater networks in a highly efficient manner. Our response times to problems have improved, leakage has been reduced and reporting greatly enhanced. The reliability and performance have been second to none.