Management Team

Mark Quinn, managing director, EMR

Mark Quinn – Managing Director

Mark Quinn is managing director and majority shareholder with EMR Integrated Solutions since 2005. He has driven the company to significant commercial success, winning contracts with domestic and overseas clients including RTE Networks Ltd., Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, Northern Ireland Water and EDF.

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Diarmuid Shanley, chief financial officer, EMR Integrated Solutions

Diarmuid Shanley – Chief Financial Officer

Diarmuid Shanley joined EMR in 2004 as chief financial officer and is responsible for all financial aspects of the business including tendering and contractual matters. He brings a rigor to the business that ensures that all compliance, legal and technical aspects of contract management are adhered to.

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Derek Glynn, chief operations officer, EMR Integrated Solutions

Derek Glynn – Chief Operations Officer

Derek Glynn joined EMR in September of 2008 as chief operations officer with full responsibility for service, delivery and support in the organisation. He has over 20 years’ experience in the telecommunications and information technology industries covering roles in customer services, manufacturing, development and delivery.

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Brian Martin is the sales director for SCADA and Telemetry networks with EMR

Brian Martin – Director of Sales for SCADA and Telemetry

Brian Martin is director of sales for SCADA, Telemetry and Instrumentation with EMR Integrated Solutions. Since joining the organisation in 2005, he has spearheaded the continuing growth of this product and service portfolio, with particular success in the local government sector.

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Alan Feenan, director of sales, EMR Integrated Solutions

Alan Feenan – Sales Director Communications

Alan Feenan joined EMR in 2007 as sales director for the communications portfolio and has played a key role in boosting the sales and service revenue of the firm. This business area consists of telecoms operators, government departments, broadcasters and utilities.

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