Pictured left to right above are: Darragh Quinn, Dean Glynn and Sam Flanagan, all participating in the Learn and Work Scheme

EMR announces participation in the ‘Learn and Work’ scheme

Leading SCADA network and telemetry supplier, EMR Integrated Solutions today announced its participation in the ‘Learn and Work’ scheme, a program run by Blanchardstown Institute of Technology and Regional Skills, Dublin designed to provide highly-educated students for the changing needs of industry.

The company is currently working with Dean Glynn and Darragh Quinn, students in Mechatronics (technology combining electronics and mechanical engineering), and Sam Flanagan, student of film and theatre practice in Dundalk Institute of Technology.

Work experience involves a combination of practical, hands-on projects as well as desk-based tasks.  Dean has been installing RTUs on water networks and working on process improvements for EMR’s ISO accreditation, while Darragh is currently enhancing EMR’s mobile SCADA application.  Sam has just completed a project to produce and edit a series of technical training videos for one of EMR’s major clients.

Commenting on the program, Derek Glynn, chief operations officer with the company said:

“Like many technology companies, we struggle to find the right people but this program fills the gap between the traditional degree and apprenticeship programs.  It allows us to tap into a skilled, creative and enthusiastic set of students at an early stage and gives them the practical experience which makes them work-ready as they exit from the academic environment.”

Remuneration is provided to the students over the course of the practical placement, which runs from May to September and the placement continues over the entire duration of their degree programs.

Student Dean Glynn really enjoys the practical nature of the work.

“I really like working in the field as it forces you to problem-solve and think on your feet.  While I found the academic theory of communications quite difficult in semester one, it all fell into place for me once I saw the technology in action.  Working in the field has given me some great ideas for our practical projects and I’m also covering topics such as Java and SCADA which aren’t even on the curriculum until year three, so this is really helping me to work ahead,” he said.

EMR is looking to expand the number of placed students to four, when Blanchardstown IT launches its BSc in Process Instrumentation and Automation program in January, 2018.

Pictured left to right above are:  Darragh Quinn, Dean Glynn and Sam Flanagan