Pic l-r: Mark Quinn, managing director, EMR Integrated Solutions, Derek Glynn, COO, EMR Integrated Solutions and Pearse Bradley, telemetry and SCADA manager, Northern Ireland Water on the award of a €1m/£700,000 contract to upgrade Northern Ireland Water's telemetry network. No fees for reproduction. Pic by Maura Hickey - tel: 086-8541130

EMR announces completion of major Northern Ireland Water contract

Leading communications and SCADA network supplier, EMR Integrated Solutions today announced it has completed the system handover of Northern Ireland Water’s new Digital Polling Radio Telemetry Network.

Working closely with Northern Ireland Water personnel, EMR’s installation team completed the project ahead of schedule marking the successful handover of this €1.8 million project.

The implementation of the new network, undertaken by EMR over the previous 12 months, involved the change over of almost 2,000 aging analogue radios throughout the province using 4RF’s Aprisa SR Digital Polling Radio.

The major challenge came from the requirement to carry out the work on the live network without service interruption.

Northern Ireland Water personnel have already begun a programme to significantly expand the network in the coming year.