Chlornet - turbidity measurement from EMR

EMR continues drive towards better water quality with launch of chlorine residual analysis solution

Leading SCADA network and mobile telecommunications supplier, EMR Integrated Solutions today continued its drive towards better water quality with the launch of a high performance chlorine residual analysis solution for the water industry.

ChlorNet, available exclusively through EMR in Ireland, enables quick, accurate, real-time chlorine residual measurement in the water distribution network as well as at distribution sites such as reservoirs and booster stations.

Unlike hand-held chlorine residual analysers which typically provide sporadic data based on spot checks, ChlorNet sits at the tail end of the water distribution network and delivers continuous, real time analysis allowing water service providers to determine the correct chlorine dosage for the water supply.

Data collected by ChlorNet can also be fed back into the SCADA network providing operators with a dashboard view of real-time chlorine residual levels.

Commenting on the launch, Brian Martin, director of sales for SCADA, Telemetry and Instrumentation with EMR said:

“ChlorNet represents the second launch in as many months, of solutions designed to deliver better water quality and lower operational costs. With such a high level of focus on water quality, we will continue to bring to market solutions that help service providers deliver on their public commitments in a way that makes economic sense and generates real return on investment.”

Incorrect chlorine dosage in the drinking water supply could pose a public safety risk and the Environmental Protection Agency has set down strict standards around chlorine residual that must be available to protect against harmful bacteria.

Chlornet, follows the launch of NephNet, the most accurate and reliable turbidity sensor on the market. NephNet is a portable, battery-operated monitor, which offers months of continuous, accurate readings at low levels. NephNet is also available exclusively through EMR.

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