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Welcome to WaterCon, 2023

If you’re interested in technology developments in the water utility sector, this is the event for you. Hear from industry experts and choose the technology streams that are most relevant to your role. Join us in May.

Welcome to WaterCon, 2022

If you’re interested in water conservation this is the event for you. Three venues, three dates in Cavan, Charleville and Dunboyne during the months of May and June. Hear from watercon experts near you with a keynote from watercon specialist, Mike Wiltshire of Irish Water.

Pic l-r: Mark Quinn, managing director, EMR Integrated Solutions, Derek Glynn, COO, EMR Integrated Solutions and Pearse Bradley, telemetry and SCADA manager, Northern Ireland Water on the award of a €1m/£700,000 contract to upgrade Northern Ireland Water's telemetry network. No fees for reproduction. Pic by Maura Hickey - tel: 086-8541130

EMR inks €1 million contract with Northern Ireland Water for telemetry upgrade

Dunboyne, Co Meath, Friday, 9th October 2015: Leading SCADA network and mobile telecommunications supplier, EMR Integrated Solutions today announced it has signed a €1 million contract with Northern Ireland Water (NIW) to upgrade the utility’s telemetry network.

The technology refresh renders the telemetry network IP-ready and is part of a strategic plan to protect the province’s high quality water supply and drive down operating costs. Read more

Chlornet - turbidity measurement from EMR

EMR continues drive towards better water quality with launch of chlorine residual analysis solution

Leading SCADA network and mobile telecommunications supplier, EMR Integrated Solutions today continued its drive towards better water quality with the launch of a high performance chlorine residual analysis solution for the water industry.

ChlorNet, available exclusively through EMR in Ireland, enables quick, accurate, real-time chlorine residual measurement in the water distribution network as well as at distribution sites such as reservoirs and booster stations.

Unlike hand-held chlorine residual analysers which typically provide sporadic data based on spot checks, ChlorNet sits at the tail end of the water distribution network and delivers continuous, real time analysis allowing water service providers to determine the correct chlorine dosage for the water supply.

Data collected by ChlorNet can also be fed back into the SCADA network providing operators with a dashboard view of real-time chlorine residual levels.

Commenting on the launch, Brian Martin, director of sales for SCADA, Telemetry and Instrumentation with EMR said:

“ChlorNet represents the second launch in as many months, of solutions designed to deliver better water quality and lower operational costs. With such a high level of focus on water quality, we will continue to bring to market solutions that help service providers deliver on their public commitments in a way that makes economic sense and generates real return on investment.”

Incorrect chlorine dosage in the drinking water supply could pose a public safety risk and the Environmental Protection Agency has set down strict standards around chlorine residual that must be available to protect against harmful bacteria.

Chlornet, follows the launch of NephNet, the most accurate and reliable turbidity sensor on the market. NephNet is a portable, battery-operated monitor, which offers months of continuous, accurate readings at low levels. NephNet is also available exclusively through EMR.

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EMR's Mark QUINN today presented to a major conference on the UK water industry

EMR’s Mark Quinn presents to major UK conference on water industry

EMR’s managing director, Mark Quinn today presented to over 40 delegates at a major UK water industry conference.

The conference, entitled ‘Water: Process Control and Automation Engineering for the Water Industry’ and organised by the Institution of Engineering and Technology is one of the most important events in the UK water industry’s calendar.

At a dedicated workshop, facilitated by the organisers, Mark presented on the future of digital polling radio in the UK utility water sector. He explored many aspects of the topic including next generation telemetry network and the drivers for change, the challenges of existing technologies and architecture, designing the engineer-led solution, RF network planning and engineering and managing the migration process.

Commenting on the session, Mark said: “It was clear from the level of engagement from delegates that many utilities are struggling with the question of managing and future-proofing their telemetry networks. As IP networks gather pace, many utilities are faced with issues around protecting existing network investment and preparing the ground for future technology developments.”

This year’s conference took place in Stratford on Avon, UK.


Brian Martin, sales director with EMR

EMR announces exclusive launch of ATI’s turbidity monitoring solution in Ireland

Leading SCADA network and mobile telecommunications supplier, EMR Integrated Solutions today announced the launch of ATI’s NephNet to the Irish market, a high performance turbidity monitoring solution for the water industry.

Available exclusively through EMR, the solution has already saved the UK water industry millions of pounds through reconditioning of existing water mains instead of evasive cleaning and/or re-lining.

NephNet is a portable, battery-operated turbidity monitor, which offers months of continuous, accurate readings at low levels.   The NephNet is the only device that can monitor continuously and for long periods of time to deliver high alarms of events.

Commenting on the launch, Brian Martin, director of sales for SCADA, Telemetry and Instrumentation with EMR said:

“The NephNet solution is a key component in our move towards providing an automatic flushing system for distribution networks, based on quality monitoring and not pre-programmed flushing routines. This will maintain quality standards achieved at production throughout the network and promote water conservation,” he said.

NephNet is the most accurate and reliable turbidity sensor on the market, a finding supported by the University of Sheffield who backed by the UK water industry spent two years conducting research into its operation.

NephNet is available exclusively through EMR.


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About EMR Integrated Solutions
EMR Integrated Solutions is a leading provider of communications, SCADA and instrumentation solutions. With a track record stretching back to the early 1980s and a management team with a wealth of industry experience, the company has established a strong, successful foothold in markets as diverse as retail, hospitality, utility, telecoms and public safety. The organisation has customers across Ireland, the UK and Europe and has the expertise, engineering know-how and project management capability to delivery large, complex, integrated solutions on time and within budget.



EMR and the Ignition user group event for the water industry

Ignition SCADA User Group Event strikes a chord with county councils

Over 30 engineers and senior technicians from county councils around the country gathered in Dunboyne, Co Meath today for the first in a series of Ignition SCADA User Group meetings.

The event was designed to encourage information and knowledge sharing in SCADA networking technology and to discuss some of the key challenges facing the water industry in the months ahead.

Delegates heard from Mark Quinn, managing director of EMR Integrated Solutions who in his ‘SCADA 101’ presentation outlined the evolution of SCADA technology and focused on some of the key elements that are growing in importance in light of the new regulatory regime.

This was followed by a series of interactive roundtable discussions, facilitated by senior EMR staff which focused on five technology streams.  Delegates were given their choice of three such streams from alarm monitoring, network management, energy, water auditing and compliance reporting.  The alarm monitoring and water auditing streams proved particularly popular with attendees.

Travis Cox from Inductive Automation then exclusively revealed the Ignition technology roadmap to users, highlighting some of the key software releases and features coming down the tracks, all designed to deliver powerful analytics and simplified usability.

The afternoon session was kicked off by Mark Quinn with a look to the future of SCADA in Ireland.  This was followed by Steve Grainger of Halma Water/Radcom who gave delegates an overview of the use of GPRS loggers in the water industry.  Several case studies were also showcased, which helped to bring the technology to life.

Padraig Farrell from Longford County Council also shared his knowledge and experience of using the Ignition solution and this really struck a chord with delegates as fellow users.

The session ended with an open forum discussion on some of the challenges in the months and years ahead.

According to Mark Quinn:

“The event was a huge success.  Delegates really enjoyed the interactive, roundtable discussions in particular as it gave them an opportunity to ask questions and share experiences with each other.  Many attendees have already approached us to run another event and given our commitment to the SCADA industry and the critical juncture we all face, it’s something EMR will continue to do on a regular basis”.

EMR - SCADA unleashed

Event: SCADA Unleashed

This event is now over.

Please download the presentation material from the links below.



10.00 – 10.15 | Introduction and Welcome – EMR Integrated Solutions

10.15 – 10.35 | SCADA 101 – EMR Integrated Solutions
SCADA 101 – Mark Quinn, Managing Director, EMR

10.35 – 12.00 | Individual Roundtables on Choice of Three SCADA Streams
Water Auditing – Peter Thornton, Technical Director, EMR
Compliance Reporting – Derek Glynn, COO & CTO, EMR
Alarm Management – Dermot O’Donnell, Senior Technical Engineer, EMR
Energy – Brian Martin, Director of Sales (SCADA), EMR
Network Management – Mark Quinn, Managing Director, EMR

12.00 – 12.45 | Ignition Technology Roadmap – Travis Cox, Inductive Automation
Ignition Demo Slides
Ignition v7.6 Product Sheet
Ignition 7.7 Feature Preview
Ignition Roadmap 2013/2014

12.45 | Q & A

1.00 | Lunch Served

2.00 |  The Future of SCADA
The Future of SCADA – Mark Quinn, Managing Director, EMR

2.20 | Real World Case Study
The use of GPRS Loggers in Live Environments – Steve Grainger, European Sales Business Development Manager, Halma Water/Radcom

2.45 | Open Forum Discussion

4.00 | Finish