Pegasus+ PRV

Pegasus+ is a sophisticated and highly versatile pressure control system with integral 2-way GPRS communications.

More Info

Pegasus+ is a sophisticated and highly versatile pressure control system with integral 2 way GPRS communications. Key Features include:

  • Multi-point time based control for profiled control even where a flow meter is not available.
  • High performance flow modulation control with multiple table options.
  • Full closed loop, self learning automatic control can be enabled if required using data from
  • CP logger and dedicated web software includes multiple CP and time variable CP targets
  • Multiple alarm options
  • Full 2-way telemetry in all modes
  • Full main and secondary channel logging capability
  • WITS Option

Modulated Control without a Flowmeter

In many markets PRV’s are installed without an “in line” flowmeter. Pegasus+ features the capability to set target pressures by time, flow or a combination with different table settings per day of the week. This combined with intelligent extrapolation between target points means a sophisticated level of targeted control can be achieved even on a time basis.

Advanced Two Way Communication

The latest advances in HWM data logging communication and network connection technology have been incorporated into Pegasus+, which features integral GPRS, GSM, PSTN and SMS. The bi-directional telemetry can be used to trigger alarms or to change the exact regulated pressure remotely. Firmware can be updated remotely, which helps to make the unit future proof and minimises expensive site visits.

Innovative Fast Logging Channel

In addition to its main channel, Pegasus+ features a secondary channel for fast logging down to one second intervals. This is invaluable when a more detailed investigation of events such as pressure spikes and ‘true’ minimum night flow are required.

Easy Installation for Peace of Mind Operation

Pegasus+ uses HWM’s proven actuator which is easily installed with minimum disruption to the PRV and features mechanical fail safes to ensure pressure even in extreme failure conditions.

Sophisticated Software

Pegasus+ uses a Tablet or PC based App for easy set up and programming, and is compatible with the HWM Online web viewer for easy and convenient access to data via the internet. In addition Pegasus+ PC software provides full automatic closed loop operation, including multiple CP’s auto-learning, alarm functions and auto updates to 5 minute intervals if required. Closed loop functionality can be used in flow and time based modes. Tables on Pegasus+ software can be set for 96+ values of flow/pressure or time/pressure