Intelligens Flow

The Intelligens Flow is a flow monitoring system designed for use in a variety of wastewater applications including foul, combined and storm water sewers.

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The demands on our existing wastewater networks are many and varied. Urban areas are expanding rapidly in order to meet the demand for new housing. This directly affects the quantity of wastewater that enters the system from households and reduces the capacity of a sewer to cope with flood events. In addition, we also have to factor in the loss of permeable surfaces through drained area creep in both urban and rural areas. This extra volume of rainfall can overload the system particularly when connected to the foul sewer. Finally, climate change is projected to bring wetter winters and longer high-intensity rainfall further increasing the risk of sewer flooding.

The benefits of long term flow monitoring within the wastewater network include a reduction in both frequency and impact of pollution events. Permanent installation of remote monitoring equipment helps to alert network operators to immediate problem sites. It also improves understanding of the network performance and delivers real data to assist with the development and testing of advanced network models.