Total Chlorine Reagent Set for chlorine analyzer CL17/CL17sc

Total Chlorine Reagent Set (includes DPD Indicator, and Total Chlorine Indicator and Buffer Solutions). Used with the CL17/CL17sc Analyzer and bulk analytical methods.

Hach Reference No 2557000

Irish Water Reference No 24310467

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Quality, Reliability

Hach Total Chlorine Reagent Set (DPD Indicator, Total Chlorine Indicator and Buffer Solutions) is specifically designed and produced to work with Hach CL17 Analyzers.

Simple, Predictable Maintenance

The CL17 is designed to require replacement of reagents on a predictable schedule under typical use. Maintenance can be performed in 15 minutes, and no special tools are required.

Reagent Delivery Program

Want to simplify reagent reordering? Ask your Hach representative about our simple and easy automatic delivery program for Hach CL17 reagents and reagent sets.