Aluminium Reagent Set, Powder Pillows

Aluminium Reagent Set, Powder Pillows, 0.008-0.800mg/L Al
Powder reagents in sealed packages, for determination of aluminium. 100 tests.
Hach Reference No 2242000
Irish Water Reference No 24310026

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Description: Aluminium reagent set, Powder Pillows, Aluninon
Instrument: All
Measuring range: 0.008 – 0.800 mg/L Al
Method: Aluminon
Method number: 8012
Number of tests: 100
Parameter: Aluminium
Platform: Powder Pillows
Special remarks: Set contains: AluVer 3 Aluminium Powder Pillows (1429099), Ascorbic Acid Powder Pillows (1457799), Bleaching 3 Powder Pillows (1429449)
Storage conditions: 10 °C – 30 °C